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With my dad being part French, I had fallen in love with French culture a long, long time ago. Up ’til this day I haven’t visited Paris yet (could you believe it?!), but insha’Allah that won’t take that long anymore!

This lovely image came from » here «.


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I’m definitely not a jewellery kind of woman. When I wasn’t a hijabi yet, the only thing I used to wear was a huge pair of earrings. Now that I wear hijab, I don’t see the point of wearing them – I only wear large button/stud earrings every now and then so my earring holes won’t close.

Anyway, what I actually was trying to say is that I just don’t wear jewellery. The only thing I always wear and seriously NEVER take off is my beloved wedding ring.

The above isn’t mine, but hey, it’s so pretty! I found it » here «.


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As my husband and I are looking for a new home insha’Allah, this will probably be the basis of our inspo. Though myself I’m more of a traditional country kind of girl, my husband’s more into modern city style. We decided to combine the two into a European glamour home insha’Allah!

I found this pin right » here «!